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Drunken Kiss



AUTHORS NOTES: This is my first go at fan-fic, please tell me what you think. Good? Bad? I would really like to know. Italics mean thoughts.
I do not own these characters I'm just borrowing them for a while. This is a work of Fan Fiction and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Samantha Carter looked around Jack O’Neill’s apartment.

It was official, this party was dead.

Dead and rigor mortis was setting in. Almost everyone had left or was getting up to leave. A few people tried giving her a dirty look but the alcohol prevented any successful “evil eyes”.

Sam smiled a bit. She had hidden all the car keys she could find.

Even the General, who was only slightly more sober than the rest, couldn’t find his car keys. He, however, approved of Sam’s method of accident prevention.

That day was the day the Koli’Nari had agreed to ally with Earth. While their technology wasn’t as advanced in some areas, it was superior in others. An example was their device that could deflect the blast of a ribbon device. Then there was the injection preventing a Goa’uld from taking over a host body.

Sam looked around the room again, and finally spotted Daniel draped over one of Jack’s chairs. He had gotten his hopes up before the Koli’Nari had explained the injection is given at birth and boosters throughout their lives. The injection was useless if the host was already possessed.

Sam walked over to the and hunched down so she was eye-level with the linguist/anthropologist. She brushed his hair back, and smiled and his eyes fluttered open.

Poor guy. He’s going to feel like hell tomorrow.” Sam thought. She didn’t blame him, his hopes for Sha’uri were crushed almost before they had risen. Sometimes it was easier to deal with disappointment if you forgot about it for a little while.

“C’mon Daniel. Party’s over, time to go home.”

Daniel blinked at her.

Sam took his arm, and gently pulled him into a sitting position.

“All done?” he mumbled.

“Yes, all done. Come on, time to go night-night.”

Daniel frowned at her. “Sam ‘re you teasing me?”

“No Daniel, I’m talking baby talk to you.”

“Oh. OK.”

Sam’s smile widened at Daniel’s innocent acceptance of her statement.


“Yes Daniel.”

“I dunno if I c’n walk by myself.”

Sam draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled him upright. “Better?”

“Uh huh. Lay on McCarterDuff.” A smile crossed his face and then he started to giggle.

“Yeah, definitely bedtime for you Dr. Jackson.”

Sam, being the ‘volunteer’ designated driver for the night, and everyone else having left in a cab already, hauled Daniel to her car. The drive to Daniel’s apartment was easy, actually getting him to go to bed was the hard part.

“I don’t wanna go t’ bed Sam.”

“Daniel.” She warned with a pretty good Jack-tone in her voice.

“OK. OK. Night-night for Daniel.”

It had only taken them five minutes to stumble into Daniel’s apartment. That wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t only a thirty second walk from her car to the steps.

“All right Danny. Here we go.”

“Oh look ... a bed.” With that he dropped down and sprawled across his bed.

Sam shook her head and started pulling his shoes off his feet.

“Come on Daniel, at least take you shoes off. Not that you’d even notice if your shoes are on or not.” She turned away to put his shoes away. When she turned back he was sitting up staring at her. “You okay Daniel?”



Daniel continued watching her, knowing somewhere in his alcohol soaked brain Sam was growing concerned. Suddenly he spoke.

“I don’t think I want to be disappointed anymore.”

Confusion spread across Sam’s face.


Daniel’s voice interrupted her.

“How many times can I come so close , even think I’m coming close , only to have any hope ripped away. Do you know how frustrating this is, not being even an inch closer to finding her than I was three years ago. Do you know what the worst part is Sam?”

She shook her head and sat down beside him, simply listening.

“I’m not sure why I’m doing this anymore. At first I just wanted my wife back. Now it seems like I’m just going through the motions. Oh I still care about her sure, but even if I found her neither of us are the same anymore.” Tears filled Daniel’s eyes. He didn’t care, he wasn’t embarrassed to let Sam see his tears. “What if I don’t love her anymore Sam?” With that anguished cry he started sobbing like a child.

“Oh Daniel.” Sam gathered him into her arms as best she could.

Daniel wrapped his arms around her waist and cried into her shoulder. She gently rocked back and forth whispering soothing nonsense in his ears.

Once his tears were spent he simply lay exhausted in her arms.

“Sam?” he mumbled a few moments later, almost asleep.


“I love you.”

This startled Sam.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that.” she thought. “OK Daniel. Time to go to sleep.” She moved to get up but his arms tightened around her.

Suddenly Daniel pulled back to look at her, wide awake now. His arms tightened around her waist.

“You don’t believe me do you?”

Sam was looking at him wondering how he could sound so sober. She didn’t know if she should answer him. or even how to answer.

“Sam!” Daniel interrupted her train of thought.

She blushed once she realized she had been staring at him.

Daniel watched her staring at him. Suddenly his brain switched gears, by-passing the alcohol.

Oh... Sam thinks I meant love-love. I... uh oh... why didn’t I notice that before. Well Mr. Genius don’t you feel smart now. you just told your friend you love her not realizing she took it as “in” love, which you in all your intelligent glory just realized was exactly how you did mean it. Oh just peachy. Well, come on, lie damnit. Tell her you didn’t mean it that way. Why isn’t my mouth... OH MY GOD. Just what the hell do you think you’re doing. You can’t do...that. Uh oh.

Sam recognized the look that passed over Daniel’s face. He was in full-swing think mode, and she was still gawking like a teenager.

Stop staring!


No? What do you mean no? Oh great, I’m arguing with a voice in my head now. He’s adorable when he thinks. Woah where did that thought come... why is his hand moving. Oh... Holy Hannah.

Daniel’s hand started moving without the consent, or even the awareness of his brain. He gently pushed her hair back from her face letting his fingers brush ever so slightly against her cheek. He leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers.

A small sigh escaped her lips just before he kissed her again. Without even thinking Sam started to kiss him back.

I’m imagining things. I must be imagining things. Sam is not kissing me back. OK maybe she is. Regret, discomfort, unease, anything. Come on, you know this is wrong, for crying out loud will you listen to me. OK Sam it’s up to you now, you’re smart, stop this now. Please. My body wont listen to me, stop enjoying this Daniel. Holy. Stop enjoying this!

Wow. Never thought I’d ever be kissing Daniel. Not while I was awake anyway.”

Suddenly the implications of the kiss came crashing into her brain, like a mental tidal wave.

Sam jerked back to see surprise wash over his face. So innocent, so beautiful, and so unattainable. He was still married to Sha’uri.

“I... I have to go now. Good night Daniel.” With that she left the room. Seconds later Daniel heard the door open then close. He listened as her car started and drove away.

“I am so stupid.” He let his head drop to his chest. “Oh god. What have I done?”

A new kind of tear appeared. Not despair or guilt, but of shame at what he had just done.

He felt dirty.

Sam felt dirty.

Daniel had been drunk, she should have known better.

He may have sounded sober but you saw him put away at least four beer, which is a lot for Daniel. Damnit Carter. All you had to do was make sure he got home safe. Now your feelings are exposed for the world to see. You should have made an excuse to leave as soon as he said ‘I love you’. All you had to do was agree, say I love you to, good night see you tomorrow, but no. You had to keep quiet and encourage him to prove it. A drunk married man and you encourage him. Jeez Sam, what the hell were you thinking. You kissed him back, are you insane. Why couldn’t you have pulled away, made a joke, and forgot about it. Oh Great Sober One, what happens if he remembers this tomorrow morning? He’s going to wonder why I kissed him back. Carter, Holy... as if things weren’t hard enough on him already. You just had to go and make it worse. Now he has to worry about hurting your feelings. The worst part is it is going to hurt having him turn me down. It’s going to hurt like hell.

It took Sam a few seconds to realize she was in her driveway, with the car turned off.

She rested her head on the steering wheel trying to decide if she wanted to cry or not.

Oh please don’t remember Daniel. I don’t want to hurt you. Please, just remember Sha’uri. Forget that I love you.” Sam started to cry then. She loved Daniel, and now he might know. One of the best friends she’d ever had and now she might loose that because of her selfish desire to kiss him.

“Oh god... what have I done?’’

Daniel tossed and turned.


Why bother? I know sleep isn’t coming tonight.

He kept seeing her face as she pulled away. That look, it tore his heart apart every time he saw it.

She had been hurting, and it was because of him.

He sat up in bed as a thought struck him.

What if she hadn’t thought I meant ‘in’ love. Maybe she thought I loved her like I do Jack or Teal’c. Maybe she was just surprised I’d say something like that out loud. No. That would mean if I would have just left it alone none of this would be happening.” Daniel leaned back with a sigh.

I’ve lost a friend because I love her, but she can’t love me back. What is wrong with your head. Sam knows you’re still married. Even if you weren’t why the hell would she love you. You’re like a baby brother to her. God, SG1 is the only family I’ve got. Now that we both know I love her... How will Jack and Teal’c not notice something is wrong between us?” Daniel’s brain froze for a second.

“I was drunk” he said out loud. “Maybe I can pretend I didn’t remember anything. This way things will only be awkward until I can convince Sam I don’t remember. It’s a good idea, so why do I feel like such a coward taking the easy way out.. Sam will still remember. Things are going to be different either way. It doesn’t matter if both of us pretend to not remember what happened. We will still remember. I’ll still remember. How could I have been so stupid?”

“Good morning Campers! How are we feeling this morning?” Carter called from the door way of the briefing room.

“I am feeling well Major Carter.” Teal’c replied.

The other two people, Col. O’Neill and Gen. Hammond, put their hands to their heads and groaned. Finally the General spoke.

“May I have my car keys back now Major?”

Sam smiled and quietly set his keys down in front of him.

“Of course General.” she whispered, then sat down.

Jack checked his watch and rubbed his temples, hoping his hangover disappeared soon.

“Planet PX whatever-the-hell it’s called had better be quiet. I’m not in the mood for excitement.”

He paused and looked around the room.

“Carter, where the hell is Daniel?”

Sam froze at the mention of Daniel. She coughed to clear her throat.

“I don’t know sir. Last I saw of him was last night when I took him home.” Sam looked down as she felt her cheeks growing hot.

Teal’c’s eyebrow rose a notch at the odd tone in Major Carter’s voice, and the blush that rose on her cheeks.

Some thing has occurred between Major Carter and Daniel Jackson.” Teal’c would have asked about it but he knew it was not something she wished to discuss. His eyebrow rose a bit more as Daniel entered the room.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Daniel called as he practically ran into the room. The only response he got were two more groans from O’Neill and the General.

Daniel was grateful, whoever decided he couldn’t hold his alcohol had also decided he rarely got hangovers.

A quick glance at Sam, and her sudden interest in the table told him she had at least looked at him. He blushed and sat down in his chair, he looked over at Teal’c, and saw ‘The Raised Eyebrow’. Daniel’s head dropped, knowing Teal’c already knew something was up.

Some times we just don’t give him enough credit.”

“All right SG1, now that you’re all here, we can get this briefing underway.”

An hour later SG1 was gathered in the gate room, preparing to leave for P4X772.


“772, Colonel.”

“Yeah, sure. Are you positive there’s no easier way to name these planets Major?”

“Yes sir, this is the easiest way.”

Colonel O’Neill sighed. His headache was still there, but at least the nausea was gone.

He looked over at Daniel, who despite not having a hang over, still looked like hell.

Teal’c, unflappable as ever, and finally Carter, who looked pretty rough for someone who had remained sober.

Curiosity killed the cat Jack.

He ignored the little voice in his head, as he often did.

“Carter, you look like you had a rough night, sure you didn’t sneak a drink?”

“No Colonel, I just...had a bit on my mind last night.”

Daniel looked at her, noticing Teal’c did as well, then was surprised by Teal’c looking directly at him.

Damn, Teal’c definitely knows something’s up. At least Jack seems oblivious.

“Like what?”

“Oh...just physics stuff, nothing you’d be interested in.”

“You and Daniel, exactly alike.” He said shaking his head.

“That’s a scientist for you sir.” Sam smiled up at him.

She risked a glance back at Daniel, who was already looking at her.

“I feel like a school girl around him.’’ She thought as she quickly found something in her pocket to be fascinated by.

They all looked up as a voice called out, “Chevron seven locked, wormhole engaged” and watched as the wormhole burst to life.

“OK kids. Let’s go.”

With that the four of them walked up the ramp and stepped through the event horizon.

Colonel O’Neill stumbled through the other side first, his eyes widening. Carter, followed by Daniel and finally Teal’c stepped out onto the ramp, and stared.

Water as far as the eye could see.

“Ohh Carter. Mind telling me why this didn’t show up on the photos the probe sent back?”

“I’m... I’m not sure sir. There’s supposed to be flat grasslands in front of us. If this was a flood it must have appeared extremely quickly. The probe’s photos were taken only a few hours before we entered the Stargate. The sky is perfectly clear, if it was a storm it ‘s completely gone now.” Sam walked towards the water scanning the horizon. “Sir, I think I can see trees over there.” She called, pointing off to the side.

“How deep is that water Major?” O’Neill asked.

In response she walked down the ramp and waded into the water.

“It’s only waist deep Colonel.”

“Good, I didn’t feel like swimming. Teal’c, you and Daniel head that way, Carter and I will head this way. We regroup in two hours back here. Any questions? No. Good, off we go.”

O’Neill, Teal’c, and Daniel followed Sam down the ramp into the water and went their separate ways.

“So what’s up Carter?”


“With you and Daniel. What’s up?”

“Nothing Colonel.”

“Don’t give me that Carter. You can cut the tension between the two of you with a chainsaw. I’m not blind either. I saw the way you two were looking at each other all day trying your damnedest not to make it look like you were looking. It’s also easy to tell when you blush. Red’s not your colour. So... what’s up? And I’m not taking ‘nothing Colonel’ as an answer. You two avoiding each other is going to cause problems within the team, and we don’t want that now do we Carter.” His tone made it clear he was making a statement, not asking a question.

“Just something he said last night stuck with me, that’s all.”

“What’d he say?” After a long silence he repeated himself. “Sam, what’d he say?”

She looked away and whispered. “He said he loved me.”


“That’s all he said sir.”


Sam sighed in defeat.

“He kissed me.”

“And?” Jack pushed knowing from the sound of her voice that wasn’t the bottom line.

“And... I kissed him back.”

“Oh.” Jack wasn’t sure if that was what was bothering her or not. Sam looked back expecting more, and was surprised when nothing else seemed forthcoming.

They continued sloshing through the water, and it was a long time before Jack spoke again.

“Do you love him Sam?”

She stopped in her tracks.

How does he mean that? Oh what does it matter. The answer is yes either way.

“Yes sir, I think I do.”

“So why all this ‘if you don’t look at me I wont look at you’ crap?”

“May I speak frankly sir?”

“Oh yes, please do.”

“Sir, Daniel was drunk. He wasn’t thinking clearly and I took advantage of that. He ‘s a good friend sir, and he’s still married to Sha’uri. What happened would have been OK if he had been sober and single, but he’s not . I took advantage of the trust he has in me as a friend, and for what? He doesn’t love me, not the way I want him to . He loves her, I’m his friend, that’s it. I risked that friendship for a kiss.” She looked away angrily, wondering if it had been a good idea to tell Jack all of that.

Jack slung his arm over her shoulder and pulled her to his side.

“Don’t it do the heart proud ta see your children growing up and falling in love so fast.” he said in a passable Irish accent.

Carter smiled at him. It felt a bit better having got everything off her chest.

“Thank you sir.”

“No problem Carter. C’mon, time to head back.”

Teal’c followed Daniel in silence.

The anthropologist had been babbling non-stop for the last ten minutes about the tree carvings he had found. Teal’c was not certain whether or not the young man was talking to him or not.

“Daniel Jackson?”

“Huh, yes Teal’c.”

“If it’s not of a personal matter...” Daniel’s head dropped, he knew what was coming “...may I inquire as to the events that have caused the distance between Major Carter and yourself.”

“It is kind of personal...”

“Then I apologize.”

“... but.” He paused as Teal’c’s eyebrow lifted once again. “Sometimes it helps to discuss things that are bothering you.”

“Do you wish to discuss what is bothering you?”

“Uh... well, I’m not really sure.”

“Then I will not force you.”

“Uhm... Teal’c?”

“Yes Daniel Jackson.”

“Are you trying to encourage me to talk?”


“Oh. OK. I... I just wanted to be sure.” Silence followed for a few seconds. “You don’t mind listening to me babble.”

“I have been listening to you for over an hour now Daniel Jackson, a while longer will not trouble me.”

“Uhm Teal’c... was that a joke?” At his confused look Daniel continued. “Uh, never mind. Do I want to tell anyone the truth. Who am I kidding , I don’t think I could even pull off lying. Ah... well, I think I kind of have feelings for someone. Sam actually. Last night I... err. Well, I kissed her.”

“Was the experience unpleasant?”

“Huh, oh no, it was very pleasant, that’s the problem.”

“I do not understand.”

“Ah well, I think, actually I know I care about her. A great deal, but she doesn’t feel the same way about me. When you let a person know something like that and the feeling isn’t mutual, it can sometimes cause tension just knowing another person feels that strongly about you.” Daniel sighed letting his shoulders relax. “I wanted to pretend it never happened, hoping that would alleviate any tension.”

“I am glad you decided on truth Daniel Jackson.”

“Wasn’t much of a decision really.”


“I’m a really bad actor. I couldn’t lie to save my life.”

“I believe if you’re life was truly at stake you would make a very good liar Daniel Jackson.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Teal’c.” Said Daniel with a laugh. Then he frowned thinking back to what Teal’c had said. “Uh Teal’c?”

“Yes Daniel Jackson.”

“You said you were listening to me for over and hour?”


“Uh... shouldn’t we be heading back then?”

“If we wish to be back by the time Colonel O’Neill specified, yes.”

“We’re going to have to run aren’t we?”

“That is correct. I believe the words ‘the last one there is a rotten avian embryo’ are appropriate.”

Daniel smiled. “Ah... close Teal’c. It’s a rotten egg.”

“As you wish.” With that Teal’c started jogging back towards the Stargate.

“Hey, you got a head start, that’s not fair. I’ll explain ‘head start’ later Teal’c. Go” He yelled coming up behind the Jaffa.

“There they are sir.”

Jack squinted in the direction Sam was pointing. He saw two figures moving quickly towards them.


“Yes sir.”

“Do they look like they’re running to you?”

“Yes actually, they do seem to be moving rather fast.”

“OK, be on the look out.”

“Yes sir.”

By the time Teal’c and Daniel were closing on the Stargate, O’Neill and Carter were almost frantically searching the horizon for any sign of danger.

“You see anything Major?”

“No sir.”

Teal’c was first up the ramp followed by Daniel who had only been about five meters behind the Jaffa.

“What the hell are you two running from?” Jack asked, a bit irritated.

Daniel looked up at him from his hands and knees trying to catch his breath. He started to giggle wondering how to explain this to Jack.

“Daniel?” It was Sam. He could hear concern in her voice.

“S... Sorry. We weren’t running from anything.”

“You’re pretty gasping for breath for someone not running from anything.”

“There was a reason for our quick pace O’Neill.”

“Oh yeah. Well, come on, share.”

Daniel started giggling again.

“Neither of us wished to be a rotten...” he paused.

“Egg. Rotten egg.” Daniel stood, still gasping for breath and giggling like a little kid.

“Yes, rotten egg.”

“Rotten egg?” Jack gave them an ‘ohh kayy’ type look, wondering what happened to the real Teal’c and Daniel. This only caused Daniel to break out into full-blown laughter, as Teal’c nodded.

“OK people. Time to go home.” Just before Daniel stepped through the gate he heard Jack.

“Y’know, I wondered what that smell was.” Daniel appeared on the other side of the gate dripping wet, and laughing.

The computer operator gave him a funny look before the rest of SG1 came through almost as wet as Daniel. Not quite, but almost. General Hammond’s voice sounded over the tannoy.

“SG1, debrief immediately after your medical examinations.” Colonel O’Neill just nodded.

SG1 walked down the ramp and out of the embarkation room, puddles of water following them. A few odd looks followed them as well. The operator shook his head and mumbled.

“Don’t envy them their job.”

“The planet was abandoned by the Goa’uld. It was kind of like a private resort for them.” Daniel stood explaining the tree carvings he had discovered.

“The whole planet Dr. Jackson?”

“Uhm well, they aren’t called system lords for nothing sir.”

The General nodded. “Please, continue.”

“Well the carving was a bit vague but from what I could decipher there was a great deal of pressure build up in the subterranean water sources. Kind of like a geyser, only the water was all pushed to the surface, flooding the grasslands. Once the pressure was released the water simply drained back to where it came from. This all happened very quickly, which would explain why the probe photos showed grassland and we encountered water once through the gate.”

“Thank you, Dr. Jackson. Is there anything else to add to this debrief.” When no one answered Hammond stood. “All right SG1 you’re dismissed.”

Daniel walked towards the door, calculating the time it would take to be in the doorway at the same time as Sam. Jack passed by giving him a little nudge discreetly hidden from Sam by his body. Teal’c followed the colonel nodding his head in Daniel’s direction.

I wonder if they want me to talk to her. C’mon guys, give me a hint here.” Daniel thought a bit sarcastically. He wasn’t too surprised to realize that Jack knew. “He’s smarter than most people give him credit for. Besides, Jack is my best friend. I’m the stupid one for thinking he wouldn’t notice something was on my mind.

Daniel shook his head back to reality, and saw Sam was just walking out the briefing room door. He rushed after her.


Sam looked back at the sound of her name, and blushed, again. “Oh well, I knew this would be coming.

“Sam, could we talk?”

“Yeah. I think we have to.”

“Uhm... do you care where?”

“Your office? Hardly anyone but Colonel O’Neill goes down there except for you. I think he knows were going to talk so he probably wont bother us.”

“My office is fine.”

Sam and Daniel walked in silence the whole way to the organized mess Daniel called his office. Daniel closed the door behind them, and turned to look at Sam. They both shuffled their feet in the awkward silence that followed.

“I’m sorry!” They finally said in unison.

After another moment of silence Daniel broke the eye contact and looked down at his feet.

“So... you want to go first, or do you want me to?”

“No, I’ll go first. Daniel, please look at me.” Sam asked. The plaintive tone of her voice whipped his head up once again to look directly at her. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have encouraged you like I did, it was selfish of me. I know I can’t change it, it happened, but I am very sorry. I know you must be uncomfortable around me knowing how I feel, but...”

“Sam, I don’t know how you feel, but that’s not why I’m nervous around you. I said something that I shouldn’t have. I know you can’t feel about me the way I ...”

“Can’t feel about you? Why can’t I?”

“I’ve always been a little brother to you Sam. You can’t be in love...”

“Little brother? I respect and care about you yes, but little brother is way to platonic for...” They both stopped trying to explain.

“Not platonic?”

“ ‘in’ love?”

Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter were both stunned speechless. They stood staring open-mouthed at each other. Finally they caught their runaway voices.

“Sam, what would you say if I told you I was in love with you?"

“I’d say I was in love with you to.”

Neither voice had risen above a whisper during their confession. No one broke eye contact either.

“Wow. So... what so we do now?”

“You’re still married Daniel.”

“I know, but I’ve had dreams lately. They feel like deja vu, but I know they’ve never happened. I don’t know if I can explain it, but I’ve got the feeling something bad is going to happen Sam. I don’t know if it has to do with Sha’uri or not. I’m afraid it does.”

“Do you still love her Daniel?”

“I’m not sure Sam, but this feelings been around for a few weeks now. To be honest, I didn’t even realize I was in love with you until I thought that’s how you took it last night. I actually felt kind of stupid. You’d think feelings that strong would be noticeable. I guess I don’t notice things until they come up and beat me over the head.”

“Don’t feel bad Daniel, I wouldn’t let myself admit it until that kiss forced me to. I’m too damned stubborn.” Sam moved to lean against the desk beside Daniel. “I’m sorry for being so stubborn.”

“I’m sorry for being so stupid.”

The silence that followed was not the same awkward silence as before. This one was far more comfortable.



“What do we do now?”

“Well, we could get over each other and move on.” Sam looked over at him. “Or we could kiss and make up, see where it takes us.”


“How about waiting until we get there before we cross that bridge?”

“I think I can live with that.”

“You sure? My dreams may be just that. She might come back and I might still love her.”

“I don’t see any bridge yet.”

They stood shoulder-to-shoulder, looking for any hesitation in the other’s face.

There was none.



“May I kiss you?”


Daniel slowly lowered his head, not breaking eye contact. He paused about an inch away, and smiled before gently pressing his lips to hers. Sam brought her arms up and ran her fingers through his hair, very much like the night before when Daniel was draped over the chair.

I wonder how this would feel if he still had his long hair?” Daniel wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss.

They sprang apart at Jack’s voice from the doorway.

“Hi kids. That make everything better?”

Daniel coughed to clear his throat, heat creeping up his neck. A quick sideways glance told him that same embarrassed flush was making an appearance on Sam.

“Uh Jack... how long have you been there?”

“You were talking about bridges when I came, but Teal’c was here first.” “Teal’c, how long have you been standing outside?”

“I have been here since you informed Daniel Jackson you wished to speak first Major Carter.”

“You’ve been here that long? Why didn’t you knock or something.” Daniel asked.

“Colonel O’Neill asked me to wait out side the office until he arrived.”


“Did not.”

“Just after we left the debriefing room you instructed me to come to Daniel Jackson’s office, wait for your arrival, and report anything that may have occurred.”


“All right, so I sent Teal’c to spy. Come on, is it really a bad thing I wanted to know how things turned out between you two?”

“I suppose not, but Jack, why not just ask?”

“You might lie, Teal’c wouldn’t.”

“Oh... I stagger under the weight of trust you have in me.”

“Ha ha ha, very funny Daniel. So who’s up for pizza and beer?”

“Sure sir.”

“I’m game.”


“Uh... that just means yes Teal’c.”

“Then I am game as well.”

“OK kids, let’s go. Oh and Daniel.”

“Yeah Jack.”

“Let me know when Sam’s seen your tattoo, OK.”

“Tattoo? What tattoo? Daniel?” Sam looked both surprised and confused.

“Ahem... Jack.” Jack looked at Daniel and smiled as the younger man turned bright red.

“I thought we agreed that wouldn’t be mentioned again, ever.”

The End

So, what did you think? Does any one want a second part explaining the tattoo?

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