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Happy Birthday!...Finally

Sam stood in her lab, acetylene torch in hand, welding something onto the Naquadah Generator. She had set her alarm clock for 4:00pm so she could catch her quarry before he left the base for the night. She was looking forward to seeing him, to give him his birthday present. She had made an extra special effort this year to get him something that he would really like. Something that would really be of use to him.

She'd spent hours wandering around the Mall just looking for that perfect present and now she would be damned if she didn't give it to him today.

The only problem with Sam's plan was that she hadn't worked the noise of the welding torch into her equation. Four O'clock came and went and she never heard the alarm. She only noticed when she put the torch down on the workbench and looked at the clock.

"Arrrrrr!!" She shouted to herself, and pulled off her gloves quickly, grabbed her coat and the brightly decorated paper bag from the chair in the corner and ran out of her lab.

She charged her way to his office, praying that she would catch him and cursing herself that she missed the alarm.

Skidding to a halt outside his office, she nearly crashed into the wall. Gabbing hold of the door handle she tried to let herself into the room. It wouldn't open.

"Rats!" She cursed 'hmmm maybe he's only just gone, I may not have missed him yet. Gotta think gotta think.' She thought to herself.

She stood outside his office thinking hard as to where he would go first after he left his office.

"Ah-ha!" she cried and took off again, tearing down the corridor, nearly knocking over a poor technician who was unlucky enough to get in her way. Sam had remembered Daniel saying that he would be stopping off at one of the artefact storerooms before leaving for home.

She flew down the corridors and got to the storerooms just as the airman on duty was locking up.

"Have you seen Dr Jackson?" She asked the young man somewhat breathlessly.

"Yes Ma'am, he left about five minutes ago." The young airman looked somewhat bemused as the Major took off again, he would never understand scientists. They always seemed in a rush about everything.

Racing to the elevator, Sam hoped she would be able to catch her wayward archaeologist in the car park.

In her desperate flight though she didn't notice the sudden large wall in her path and ran smack into it. She tumbled to the floor with and "oomph". Looking up Sam saw that the wall was, in fact, not a wall but Teal'c, the Jaffa member of SG-1.

"Major Carter, are you well?" He asked with his usual stoic expression.

"Yes Teal'c," she said picking herself up off the floor, "I'm fine. I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going."

She looked down the corridor, hoping to spot Daniel somewhere in the distance.

"I don't suppose you have seen Daniel have you Teal'c, I was hoping to catch him before he went home."

"I have indeed seen Daniel Jackson, just a few moments ago, Major Carter. I believe he was going to see Colonel O'Neill."

A huge grin lit Sam's face and she took off again, this time in the direction of the Colonel's office. Before she rounded the corner she called out.

"Thanks Teal'c!" and was gone.

Teal'c just stood there for a few moments wondering at the strange encounter. Deciding to chalk it up to yet another strange human behaviour he went on his way.

Jack O'Neill was sat at his desk, reading through his latest mission report before he turned it into The General. He was not prepared for a Major to come barrelling into his office at top speed. He nearly leapt out of his skin, dropping his report onto the floor.

"For Crying Out Loud!!!!! Major have you never learned to knock!?" He shouted, trying to get his racing heart back under control. He stared at her before bending down to pick up the papers littering the floor.

"Sorry..Sir..ummm.." She was looking around the office, her attention was obviously elsewhere and judging from the bag she had in her hand Jack knew where it was.

"If you're looking for Daniel, Major, you just missed him." Jack grinned at the curse Sam muttered under her breath and watched with glee as she took off out of his office shouting a loud "THANK YOU SIR!" as she went.

This quest of Sam's was turning out to be a bit of a farce but she was determined to give this present to Daniel today even if she had to go to the other side of the country to do it.

She stood in the elevator tapping her foot, waiting to reach the surface. She swore the thing was moving slower than usual. It seemed to be taking an age for her to get there.

"Arrrggghhh!" She screamed at the little panel in the wall, the one that was showing the numbers of the floors, the numbers that were moving much too slowly for Sam's tastes.

Eventually, 24 floors and two checkpoints later, Sam rushed out into the car park of Cheyenne Mountain….

Just in time to see Daniel's car pull out of the final checkpoint and out onto the road leading down from the mountain.

She couldn't believe it. She just couldn't believe it. After all the running around she did, she still managed to miss him. The frustration and anger that she felt came pouring out through her feet and into the nearest car.

She kicked and pummelled the car with all her might. It wasn't until she noticed a couple of airmen running over to her that she heard the car alarm going off and realised what she was doing.

She quickly stopped beating the car and waved the airmen off. Still growling in frustration she went back inside the base. She would just have to go to Daniel's place when she went home.

People avoided Sam as she stalked back to her lab. They definitely didn't want to get in the Major's way when she had THAT look on her face. Thunderous didn't quite describe it well enough. In fact for the rest of the day people avoided her lab entirely. The sounds of poor unfortunate tools crashing into things was enough to send even the most macho marine scuttling off back down the corridor.

By the time it came for her to go home, Sam had cooled off somewhat. She no longer felt the need to batter the heck out of something, or someone. She gathered her things together; making sure she had Daniel's present in hand and once more made her way up to the top of the mountain.

As she made her way to her car she noticed someone standing inspecting a car in at the edge of the lot. Sam recognised it as the car she had so ruthlessly attacked earlier. She decided to make a rather hasty exit when she saw the man call over the airmen who were on duty. She really didn't want to have to get into long explanations about why she had been kicking the man's car just at this minute.

After her rather hasty retreat from the base she made her way down the mountain to the town. Daniel's place was a bit further away than hers but she had to give him his present. Every year that she had known Daniel she had been late giving him his present, never getting it to him on the day of his birthday.

Oh this time she could have waited, they were all going out for a meal at the weekend to celebrate, but somehow that didn't seem right. She wanted it to be just him and her together when she gave it to him. It was too special for the others to see just now. So Sam went past her exit and on into the town, heading towards Daniel's apartment.

When she arrived outside his block it was almost dark out. Sam could see the faint glow coming from his window and knew that he was home. She made a small leap for joy when she got out of her car. FINALLY she would give him his present.

He answered the door about 3 minutes after she had knocked. To say he was surprised to see her was an understatement. He stood at his door, dripping on the carpet, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Sam looked him up and down, taking in his fine, dripping form and the suddenly realising that she should speak.

"Hey Daniel. Sorry I didn't mean to disturb you." She said lamely as he backed away from the door to let her in. Stepping inside she again took note of how much better this apartment was compared to the old one. So much more roomy.

"Err No that's ok Sam. I was just about finished anyway. Sit down while I go get dressed." He left her to her own devices, not noticing that Sam's eyes followed as he left the room, taking particular note of how well the towel clung to his rear.

'Oh no Daniel there's no need for clothes. You look just fine the way you are' She thought to herself and then mentally slapped herself for thinking it.

Taking a seat on the couch Sam looked around the room. It wasn't all that different from his office; artefacts and books scattered everywhere. It was an arrangement so uniquely Daniel, that she wondered how anyone else would ever be able to find anything.

Daniel came back out fully clothed, much to Sam's disappointment.

"So what can I do for you Sam?" He asked genuinely puzzled as to her appearance at his door.

She looked up into his eyes and couldn't help but be mesmerised by their colour. A blue so perfect words couldn't describe it.

"Well I came to give you this." She said holding out the little bag. "I meant to give it to you today before you left the base but one thing lead to another and I missed you." She trailed off.

Daniel took hold of the little bag and set it down on the table. Gently he removed the shredded crepe paper and pulled out a box from inside.

He looked at Sam curiously as he did.

"Go on," she encouraged. "Open it"

Slowly he opened the box and pulled out what was inside. In his hand he found he was holding a snow globe. This was no ordinary Snow Globe, however, this one didn't have snow. It had sand. He shook it gently and watched as the sand settled around a miniature pyramid and sphinx. Just next to them was a tiny little man pulling a camel through the sand towards an equally tiny oasis.

"Happy Birthday Daniel." She said.

Daniel looked up at Sam, happiness glowing in his eyes.

"Thank you Sam. It's wonderful." He said it with so much enthusiasm that Sam was overwhelmed, she could feel the tears pricking at her eyes.

Slowly Daniel leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Both equally surprised at the show of affection.

He pulled away from Sam and put the globe down on the table, then he moved back to her, cupping her face in his hands. Slowly he kissed her, his warm lips caressing hers gently. She couldn't help but reciprocate.

When they finally pulled apart they just stared into each other's eyes. Daniel was the first to break the silence.

"Thank you Sam. This is the best birthday present I have ever had" He smiled down at her and then pulled her in for another kiss.

Behind the couple the sand was settling around the tiny man walking in the shadow of the ancient wonders.

The End

© Starfish1295 November 2000
Disclaimer: I don't own them (although I would like to lock Daniel up in my bedroom and have my wicked way with him but that's not something you really need to know about) They belong to MGM and the other Powers that Be who make the money out of Stargate and Stargate SG-1. Please don't come after me, I'm making no money out of this (in fact I'm probably losing money cause I'm makeing this site instead of working), you'll only end up with £10000 of student loan debt and a raggedy old teddy bear.

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